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Improving Financial Literacy, Together 

Often I see friends on social media promoting products and services they offer outside of working a full-time job.


Through conversations with these small business entrepreneurs, the common denominator was acquiring more money to become financially secure.

Yet, when I dug a little deeper to understand their strategies, what I uncovered sparked the idea for Flourish.

They were just winging it. A majority of them had no formal business education, mountains of student loan debt to pay off, and varying circumstances that required more money to live comfortably. They spoke of wanting to invest but not knowing where to start, needing to save money for big purchases like their first home, and not being able to openly speak to family about their money out of fear of judgement or jealousy.

Not so surprising, all of these people are also heavy users of social media. Saying that they typically check social media from the time they wake up to the time they go to bed. 

So it got me thinking...

How might we leverage social media functionality to improve financial literacy and discussion amongst millennials who actively seek financial freedom?

Problem Statement

9 weeks: February 11, 2021 - April 15, 2021


Research Goals

Desk Research

What information already exists regarding how millennials manage their money?

Competitive Analysis

What products exist that teach financial literacy?

For projects that teach other topics, what did they get right? What are their painpoints?

User Interviews

How do users get the information they need?


How effective are those methods?

What are their needs and pain points?

Research Takeaways

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Millennials want financial information sources that are easy to:


  • central location for information

  • effective search results

  • no paywalls


  • information that's void of difficult financial jargon

  • consumable in small amounts

Talk About

  • transparency into others decision-making and successes

  • support when unsure about financial strategies

  • opinions to aid in decision-making

Competitors Have Useful Features

Message Boards to accompany courses. Users connect with each other to stay motivated through the courses that span several weeks.

Incentivized learning through short lessons and quizzes. Users swipe through lesson screens on mobile devices and are awarded cryptocurrencies upon completion.


Target Audience Persona

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Bianca Blackwell

27 | Elementary School Teacher | Small Business Entrepreneur | Substantial Student Loan Debt | Living with Parents


  • Growing small business

  • Paying off student loans

  • Moving out of parents home


  • Scale her small business and leave teaching career

  • Save for down payment on a home

  • Network with dual-careered small business owners

  • Improve time management with business and work


  • Frequently reads finance articles and watches videos

  • DMs other small business owners on social media

  • Avoids making life plans too far into the future because she doesn’t know where to start

Pain Points

  • Doesn't know how to create a budget

  • Struggles to understand financial articles

  • Lack of like-minded friends/associates

A typical Flourish user has a desire to improve their financial circumstances. They may or may not have multiple sources of income, but they do maintain a steady full-time position. Their living circumstances can vary, but is not their ideal situation (e.g., renting, living with parents, roommates). They constantly worry about money, desire to make more money, yet splurge on things or vacations in order to maintain a level of happiness. 

User Flow

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